OUR PHILOSOPHY: Balance & Business cc is a small, personalised training institution for education and health. The way in which we train and guide  individuals and small groups, business owners, individuals in high-powered jobs, academic leaders as well as entrepreneurs, learners and students, teachers and facilitators is unique and sustained. The capacity of the human mind and human creativity is the main focus.

balance means
a sense of personal well-being is essential for personal and professional success. The cultivation of self awareness and self-worth works wonders for you in achieving inner balance. We train people on four levels of awareness: body awareness, emotional awareness, mental awareness and spiritual awareness, leading to a sustainable and empowering feeling for personal, private and professional challenges and changes.

business means
gaining a larger picture in order to benefit from profit, not only financially but also from self-development. It simply means to be busy, doing a job or a profession you really like and doing this with an ethical attitude for yourself or your employer. In our training we use the principles of Nature as a guide. We connect and synthesize ecological experiences with economic realities.