Individual Astrological Consultations - These provide an in depth counseling perspective on your personal, emotional, psychological and developmental experience, as well as on the pragmatic aspect of vocation, relationships, families events, daily living, work, transitional stages and turning points. An astrological birth chart consists of symbols. To translate these symbols into language and concrete examples, a psychological, and especially an esoteric knowledge base is necessary. What do I need to assist you: 1. Date of Birth 2. Place of Birth 3. Time of Birth (Birth Certificate - Details from the hospital. All given information will be taken confidentially.i.e. Astrological Chart

Couples / Relationship Astrology - This consultation involves the use of each individual's horoscope and the composite horoscope - the ‘meeting place’ between each person and their astrological compatibility. As a single person you have to ask for permission to get information for your loved one. we adhere to a strong ethical code. You will receive for all consultations an MP3 recording on CD or a downloadable file. What I need to assist you: from every person 1. Date of Birth 2. Place of Birth 3. Time of Birth. 

Astrology of Family Dynamics - One’s perspective on one’s family can be seen in the natal horoscope and is generally addressed from that perspective in a regular session. However, to explore the horoscopes of specific family members, genealogical patterns, dynastic threads and family dynamics we would need to assess what is best in your specific situation. Keep in mind when you start to explore your root system it keeps you up and running to a certain vital point of transformation to accept your family dynamic. What I need to assist you: from all vital family members  1. Date of Birth 2. Place of Birth 3. Time of Birth.

Corporate and Business Astrology –  Christine works with horoscopes of corporations and private businesses. For individuals in a small business to major corporate groups, astrology is the new-/old way of analysing trends, projecting goals, vision statements, relocating and/ or opening branches as well as personnel placement and career projections.  Business ventures are as viable as the people in them and the ideas that created them. Astrology is a proven trend analysis tool.