Full Potential Analysis

Firstly, your personal analysis towards holistic personal development begins with an initial session.  This first non-committing conversation (also by phone, via Skype) firstly provides the opportunity of getting to know one another. 

, it provides you with a 90 minute analysis and presentation of your potential. An audio recording of this talk MP3 makes a useful reference for later use. With these important data and impressions we can formulate a suitable personal strategy together.

Thirdly, you will take your time to listen to your MP3 record. Afterwards you take the opportunity to prepare yourself for a re-session or follow-up appointment to discuss, ask and share your awareness of your own program, current situation and willpower to follow your own strategy. Your personal strategy you will get through your personal Human Design System Profil, which we share in details as well.

Then you are ready TO GO!

Additional for your choice

A) Handedness & Brain-Hemispheres

What do I need: filled in questionaire

B) Voice-Frequency-Chart

What do I need: 5 minutes digital record of your voice