LIFE IS DEVELOPMENT - Something in our soul urges to express itself



An astrological birth chart consists of symbols. Symbols are words with an energy content. To translate these symbols into language and concrete examples, a psychological, and especially an esoteric knowledge base is necessary. The energy content reflectes in the entire cosmos, outdoors and indoors, above and below.

It is the state of consciousness of a person which decides on its current opportunity for development. 

Introduction into the Philosophy of Contemporary Basic Astrology

This includes the principles and practice ofusing astrology as an analytic experience at all levels: philosophy of practice and archetypal integration of signs, symbols and meaning.


The Houses as Cycles of Development 

The 12 houses are taught in an original and unique fashion, that begins the development of practical and in-depth understanding of character development and results.


The Planets at Work – Physical components and emotional behavior

As agents of the psyche, how they are ‘translated’ into action and manifestation of natural behaviours, emotions, meaning and being in the world.


The Planetary Aspects – the storyboard of your life

“Aspect” means “to regard, “to look at” and converse with, in the case of planets being agents of the psyche and emerging in personality. The angle each planet makes to another is a conversation. How these conversations manifest themselves in behavior and understanding is unique to the planets making this connection. We will look in depth, at the major aspects (Ptolemy aspects) in their natural evolution and phases. 


Learn to read your own chart 

In various periods of time, the planets ‘conspire’ to form unique and complex relationships between each other: Grand Trine; Grand Cross and Tee-square are examples. We will only cover these key configurations though there are many finely tuned harmonic patterns, but not as commonly formed as these.