Free Dynamic Constellation - How does a constellation work?

     It is difficult to describe - I call it A PHENOMENON  

  1. It isnt a Family Constellation - BUT - it can follow up
  2. Free - means everything is allowed, eating, movements, action
  3. Dynamic - the movements are following an invisible connection between  everybody and everything 
  4. You must have experienced this yourself 

During a Free DynamicConstellation you can guide your constellation yourself, so that you know exactly how it works, how it progresses, and what you can ask and do. Christine will accompany and advise you during the Constellation. Somebody knowledgeable can carry out his Constellation completely independently. Everyone takes responsibility for him/herself during Constellation Work.


Constellations show us that looking at the problem and delving deeply into you childhood and past are not always helpful. You could even be experiencing emotions and struggles that don’t make sense within the context of your own biography and could even be affected by previous generations.  It becomes clear that blaming doesn’t help and pro-activity is the first step towards a solution.  Solutions are often simpler than we think. 


Delving deeply into your childhood. You have the potential to transform your life, and to create ripples of healing into your family, community, and society as a whole.


During this workshop you can find answers to your questions to help you in your private and professional life. Group participants can intuitively grasp the problem represented in the constellation and provide purposeful responses. Through this "emotion-telepathy" we find our problems confirmed by other people, and in addition, we receive impulses for further development and solutions.


Always trust your own feeling and intelligence