HUMAN BRAIN - receiving and decoding

The brain is a highly complex network of billions of nerve cells and is the center of our intellect and emotion. It is responsible for the expression of thought, feeling, memory, conscious awareness and intelligence. Negative thoughts are stronger and are created more easily than positive ones. It is easier to destroy than to create.


Our inner spirit can capture phenomena that my external perception cannot detect. I think, while my BEING feels. The knowledge of my mind is my intuition. I gain insight by intuition, not by thought. Our sub-conscious (inside) has an independent intelligence which is distinct from the conscious (outside). 


Our inner self comprises the feelings that precede our thoughts, e.g. well-being, illness, joy, sadness. The thinking brain is not aware that it is preceded by a basic awareness (a cellular field of consciousness / a mind-body awareness)


What we call the "sub-conscious" operates in the realms of waveform and so connects us to the waveform blueprint or information construct, of the Metaphysical Universe. We then decode information from the Metaphysical Universe into electrical, digital and holographic reality. Our vibrational state of being and awareness decide which information we connnect with the waveform blueprint and thus what we experience in the holographic world.


This is why deleting unserving beliefs and behaviour patterns is so important to changing our holographic experience - individually and collectively.