How your individual holistic personal development is structured depends entirely on yourself. 


What is it that you want to achieve ? 


How far do you want to go and how deep do you want to develop ?

How much time can and do you want to invest ? 

To what extent would you like us to accompany you on your journey ?



We can help you answer these questions and work out an individual strategy for YOU. Within the given timeframe on which you decide you will learn about your unique possibilities.  You decide when we should work on which aspects of your potential. Our team from the balance & business centre guides you through each step of the way individually.  Within a period of 6 to 18 months you will achieve your goal and attain your personal balance.

Once we know your individual situation and have recognized specific problems or challenges, the goal-oriented coaching can begin. 


This life-purpose training takes place in sessions on a one-on-one basis and accompanies you in the successful implementation of your personal and professional goals. 


Within the coaching framework I accompany you individually over a period of 100 days and supply you with the relevant literature.